Jackson, Wyoming
May 15, 2010

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Scott With Our Flintstones Type Rental Car In Park City
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Well it's our last day of the trip and we need to get back to Salt Lake City for our flight tomorrow.  I made a reservation for us for the night in Park City thinking it might be a little more fun than Salt Lake City.  Since were farther north to start in West Yellowstone as opposed to Jackson it's a longer drive, 354 miles.

Revel The Grizzly In The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center - West Yellowstone, WyomingSince we just were going there for the night there was no reason to hurry this morning so we took advantage of our 2 day Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center entrance fee.  It's a much nicer day today than it was yesterday .  We spent another hour  viewing the bears and wolves.  One cool program we witnessed is between moving the bears in and out of the bear habitat kids had signed up to go in the habitat to hide food for the bears to look  for.  I'm truly fascinated by the bears.  They are just enormous andRevel Feeling Frisky With Spirit In The Bear Habitat At The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center - West Yellowstone, Montana lumbering until they get motivated to move.   

That leads me to the 2 highlights of our hour at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.  The first, unrelated to my bear comment, was getting to hear the  High Country Wolf Pack Howling.  The second highlight that was relevant to my comment was watching Revel getting a little frisky and deciding it was time to have his way with his bear habitat companion  Spirit. 

It didn't seem like Spirit was quite in the mood but  when a enormous Grizzly Bear decides he's in the mood there didn't seem to be a whole lot his mate could do Glenn Being Attacked By A Grizzly At The Grizzly & Wolf Discover Center - West Yellowstone, Montanato stop his advances.

We figured there was no way to top that for an ending to our stay in the Grand Teton's and Yellowstone so we went back to the car for the ride south.  It was an uneventful trip most of the way.  You get a different view of the Teton Range from the western side of the mountains.   

Revel The Grizzly Bear In The Bear Habitat At The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery CenterThe biggest excitement was Scott getting caught at a speed trap outside of Pocatello and getting a speeding ticket.  It really wasn't very fair as we'd been in a 70 MPH zone for hours and as soon as you get to Pocatello the speed limit dropped to 55 MPH and he got caught almost immediately as it dropped.   We noticed at  least 3 more cars pulled over on both sides of the road. 

It was an Asian officer which made me joke about the irony of the Asian stereotype that they are terrible drivers and he ends up getting a ticket from an Asian driver.  He really wasn't worried about paying the fine but the officer told him it would be 6 points Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Ski Jump At Park Cityon his license and he had just got a new insurance policy at a lower rate because of his good driving record.  We called our friend Ramjet when we got going again who told him not to worry that most likely they are on a different point system and it wouldn't be 6 points if they transferred at all.

The drive into Park City is really beautiful heading up into the mountains.  They've built a great highway all the way to the resortMain Street - Park City, Utah which I'd imagine was done for the Salt Lake Olympics is 2002.  We drove by the ski jump on the way to the  Park City Marriott that I had made reservation for night.        

We The hotel was about 1.75 miles from the from the hotel when we decided it was time to head out for the night we just walked it since we didn't want to be drinking and driving and we had been in a car most of the day so it was nice to stretch our legs.When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted Statue By Victor Payne In Park City, Utah

We knew it was off season and we thought we might be a little early for anything to be going on in town but we were shocked when we got to Main Street in Park City to see it look like a ghost town.  As we walked up Main Street we hoped it was the being early thing and not that it was dead because of it being the off season.  To our surprise when we entered our first bar of the night it was packed.  Apparently we were out a little late.  Not only was it packed but the crowd seemed like they had been there for quite awhile as they were already acting pretty looped.

We ran the whole spectrum of bars up and down Main Street.  We hitKids Tubing Statue On Main Street In Park City, Utah an Irish Bar with Flanagan's Irish Pub,  some foo foo type upper class bar in Bistro 412, a middle of the road type bar with the Spur Bar & Grill, a disco in the Sidecar Bar & Club and our favorite's; dive bars in the No Name Saloon and O'Shucks.  Although the No Name Saloon might be a step above a dive bar.

Our most interesting moments of the night were having a really drunk guy buying us drinks on his friends tab.  He kept yelling to the bartender to bring him 3 drinks on Bobby's bill (can't remember Matthew The Drunk Guy In The No Name Saloon Who Liked To Roar whose name the tab was on but you get the idea) in the No Name Saloon.  We had a group of guys who were drinking liquor like it was water try to buy us shots of whiskey or bourbon or some sort of liquor that is really wasted on Scott and I in the Bistro 412.  Actually it was a good night for people offering us free drinks. 

And finally the capper of the evening were 2 real drunk guys who kept play wrestling/hugging each other in the No Name Saloon and one of them would just roar for no reason.  Yes roar. The No Name Saloon - Park City, Utah We'd be next to him and at the top of lungs he would yell RRRROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!   It was bizarre.   The drunker of the 2 did come up to me eventually to say hi to the giant guy at the bar and I found out his name was Matthew.

Since the walk back to the hotel was on a major highway in the middle of the night I made the command decision to get a cab instead of wandering out in the middle of the road and getting run over.

The final 2  real moments of this trip were the next O'Shuck's Bar And Grill - Park City, Utahday and when I got home.  The next morning, May 22 when we got up to leave for the airport it was snowing in Park City.  Of course we had our worst winter in the history of Washington, DC and I really had no interest in seeing the white stuff dropping out of the sky at the end of May.  The second thing is that when I got home and unpacked my bags I pulled out a shirt I had purchased from the No Name Saloon and found out I was given a shirt with a completely different back than what I had asked for.  They had given me a St. Patrick's Day shirt that wasn't even on their t-shirt board.  I emailed them and they let me send the wrong shirt back and did send me the one I wanted originally.Scott In O'Shuck's Bar And Grill

Overall it was a great trip.  It was my 3rd to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park and I would come back for a 4th trip in a second.  I'd actually like to make a trip in the winter to do the snow mobile trip into Yellowstone.  I hate the cold weather but that is something I'd be willing to try.                                                           

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